FAQ's Foundation Level

How can I register for Foundation level exam?

  • All public exams are online; you need to go to your scheduled exam center to take online exam. Date can be selected as per your choice as we conduct Exam at our center every day.
  • For Enrollment Click Here 
  • Kindly Select Public if you are appearing at our Public Center, corporate is applicable only for exams scheduled in company premises. The corporate codes for the same will be provided by your management.
  • You would immediately receive a confirmation mail in your Personal ID along with further instructions.
  • For detailed procedure of Registration for Foundation level Click here
  • Once registration & payment procedures are completed, you will get your login details, using which you will logon to Pearson website and can schedule your exam. 
  • You will be informed of the timing and procedure of the examination. Appear for the examination on the designated date, time and venue
  • Please do not forget to bring a photo identity (Passport, Driving License, Election Card etc.) with you when you appear for the examination
  • Foundation level public exams are online. Results for online exam will be immediate. You shall get the certificates in 2 months of the exam date. Names of successful candidates will be updated on the website in 3 months from the exam date.


Shall I contact the exam center for Registration & Payment related queries? 

No, Exam Centers are only for taking the exams. No enquiries will be entertained at the exam centers. For any queries related with examination, registration process, payment process etc. you have to contact ITB Noida Office. You have to send the payment for exam fees to the office address only. Contact Information is available at Here

What is the exam format?

The Foundation Level exam consists of approximately 40 multiple choice questions of 1 point each. An exam amounts to 40 points total, of which 65% (26 points) must be attained in order to pass. The exam is a closed book exam. You have 75 minutes to finish.

Is there any negative marking? 

There is no negative marking for the wrong answers. 

Does everybody take the exact same exam? 

No. The questions come from an international pool of questions and are being combined differently such that the exam itself changes constantly while the level of difficulty remains comparable. New questions are constantly being developed by the members of all national boards and the various working parties.

Can I take the exam Online? 

Yes all Foundation Level exams conducted in public sessions are Online. Online exams are conducted at Pearson Vue centers across the country.

When will be my results declared? 

Online exams results will be declared immediately. Paper based exam results will be available within two weeks. Passing candidates will receive their certificate within eight weeks. 

What is the refund policy? 

Once the registration has been done there can't be any refund. However change in examination date or venue is permitted as per the terms and conditions .

What is the examination fee to reappear for the exam if one fails in first attempt? 

The examination fee for re-appearing for the same sub-level of Advance Level exam is Rs. 2,875/- )(Service Tax Included).

Is there any validity period for this certification? 

The ISTQB Certified Tester-Foundation Level certificate is valid for life.

Is there any study material for this exam? 

The Syllabus & The Glossary is the only material provided for the examination. Please go through the syllabus, you can refer to any testing books for your preparation. Please see for more information.

Do I have to take a course in order to take the exam? 

No. The Indian Testing Board will administer the exam independent of any courses. You may take the exam at any of the locations published on the ITB website. Courses can be taken to prepare for the exam, and ISTQB compliant courses are being offered by ISTQB accredited Training Providers. In this case, the ITB will send a representative to administer the exam directly following the course as per an agreement it has with ISTQB accredited training companies. 

What does an ISTQB certificate tell me about the skills of a software tester? 

The Foundation Level exam tests for knowledge, not skill. It provides information about the certificate holder's level of familiarity with the most common concepts of software testing and the associated terminology. It does not require work experience. The Foundation Level exam is a stepping stone towards the Advanced Level, which goes in-depth and is much more practice-oriented, wherefore it also requires 24 months experience as a software tester. Foundation Level: Knowledge. Advanced Level: Skill. 

Can I use the ISTQB Certified Tester logo on my resume? 

If you have passed the Foundation Level exam you can use the ISTQB Certified Tester-Foundation Level logo on your resume. To download the logo please click here

What abbreviation could I put on my resume? 

You can use "CTFL" for "Certified Tester Foundation Level".