Blockchain Certification (CBEP)

Ethereum is the world's largest Blockchain platform for building distributed, smart contract driven Blockchain applications. At the same time, Ethereum is undergoing rapid changes to its API, consensus mechanisms and the solidity programming language used for writing smart contracts. Many online learning resources tend to become outdated very quickly. For someone wishing to learn Ethereum, it becomes quite challenging to find up to date courses and learning content. To solve this problem, we have designed this course to enable participants to learn from the latest version of the platform. We keep the course up to date by continuously updating the content whenever changes occur.



At least 2 years’ experience with any object-oriented programming language and basic knowledge of javascript and web development.


Exam Guidelines:

  • 40 multiple-choice questions 
  • 60 minutes in duration
  • 65% is required to pass
  • No negative marking