1) About DevOps Certification (CTD)

DevOps have become a key to continuous delivery, which involves continuous integration, deployment and testing. This course is relevant for the testers who are in roles where DevOps forms a part of their responsibilities or for the testers who want to understand what DevOps means and how to implement some of the practices in their day to day work.

The Certified Tester in DevOps is an all-level course, aimed at Testers, Test leads and Managers, QEs who write automation code and frameworks or are involved in CI/CD/CT.

The CTD course will introduce the concepts related to the DevOps mindet, followed by hands on activities that will ensure that each Learning Objective will be easily applied into the systems or applications. 

DevOps requires us to think beyond development and testing. It requires us to involve people who support the development such as people who create the deployment environment, deploy and monitor it and customer support amongst all possible roles. This requires us to change the way we do testing and the types of testing we do. It also requires us to change the way we collaborate with people.

The fact that Agile has become very popular means we need to think of DevOps in Agile too. The course not only explores these but also looks the tools that enable DevOpsincluding activities that require creation of test environment quickly and the technologies that enable it such as the cloud and containers (e.g. Dockers) and also automated build, release and deployment and also Automation tools.


Exam Guidelines

  • 40 multiple-choice questions 
  • 60 minutes in duration
  • 65% is required to pass
No negative marking