About ITB

Indian Testing Board (ITB) is the International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB) approved national board for India. ITB is responsible for the "ISTQB-Certified-Tester" Certification in India. Indian Testing Board was founded in February 2004 and it was granted permission by ISTQB in April 2004.

As of January 2014, ITB has issued over 60000 certification

The ISTQB was officially founded as an International Testing Qualifications Board in Edinburgh in November 2002. The ISTQB is responsible for the "ISTQB Certified Tester", which is an international qualification scheme and the qualifications in the scheme are based on a syllabus. There is an examination covering the contents of the syllabus.

The contents of each syllabus are taught as courses by training providers, which have been accredited by ITB. The list of accredited training providers and for information on how to get accredited please visit the Training Providers page. 

Board Members : - Vipul Kocher
- Harinath Pudipeddi
- Shyam Shridhar
- Balamurali L
- Anjan Nayak
- Annu George
- Arvind Purohit
- Rahul Verma
- Abhinav Vaid
Foundation Level Vipul Kocher
Expert Level (automation) Rahul Verma
Model Based Testing Rahul Verma
Agile Add-on Abhay Palaskar
Process Mohnesh
Marketing Ritendra Banerjee